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Christopher Columbus/ Cristóbal Colón

Christopher Columbus Text by: Tiger Lily Photo from: Britannica Image quest Information from: Brain Pop
    Christopher Columbus is most commonly known as the man who discovered the “New world” (the Americas) even though the Vikings had arrived in Canada nearly 500 years earlier. Columbus was born in 1436 in Genoa which is now part of Italy. Columbus worked for many trading companies across Europe and made a good living. Eventually Columbus and his brother, a map maker named Bartolomeo came up with an idea to become even more wealthy. They thought that sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to the west would get them to Asia faster. The only two known routes were either traveling across land or sailing around Africa which as you can imagine took a really long time. The problem with Columbus’s plan was that he thought that the world was a lot smaller than it actually is. Columbus eventually convinced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to fund the voyage. The agreement was that he would …