What do Dreams Really Mean?

What do Dreams Mean?

Do dreams really mean anything in specific? Not really, but here are 5 common dream symbols that scientists think have specific meanings.

¿Los sueños realmente significan algo específico? No necesariamente, pero aquí son 5 símbolos comunes de tus sueños que los científicos piensan que tienen significanzas especificas. 

1. Falling:

1. Cayendo

Falling in a dream can represent that you are worried about a current situation in your life, and you might be trying to let go of that specific situation. 

Cayendo en un sueño puede representar que estas preocupado con una situación ocurriendo en tu vida, y tal vez estás tratando de dejar ir 
a esa situación específica.

2. Being late:

2. Siendo tarde

This might mean that you are worried about a new turn your life is taking, whether it be moving to a new country or going to middle school. 

Esto puede significar que estás preocupado con un nuevo camino en tu vida, tal vez que sea moviendo a un nueve país o yendo a la escuela secundaria.

3. Being chased:

Being chased might mean that in your real life you keep trying to avoid something, and that thing is trying to “come back” to you. Like homework.

4. Death:

Death isn't really a bad symbol in your dream. Death could just mean that you are ending something important in your life, like a job. It could mean that you are trying to start a new phase in your life.

5. An exam or test:

This can mean self evaluation. As if one of your personalities is being under review by yourself, and your mind might be telling you to try and change that personality.









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